Wednesday 29 January, 2020


The Computer Culture at the Panjab University dates back to 1966. The computer center has been providing computing and network facilities to whole of the campus. 

Ministry of HRD, Government of India has selected PU as a node to be connected to National Knowledge Commission (NKN) with high network bandwidth. The University Computer Center has established 10 Gigabit campus wide Network to provide high speed connectivity to various departments through National knowledge network (NKN). Almost all the Departments are connected through optical fiber. All Hostels have been made Wi-Fi and students can access internet free of cost with hardware fire-wall installed at Computer Centre with three wide area network links of 1 Gbps (NKN), 1 Gbps (NME-ICT), 165 Mbps (1:1) (Reliance). 

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